GLOSS is a collectable publication about the art and design world.This quarterly magazine is made for anyone interested in a critical look at design and visual culture. Always excellent, this informed, assured title offers a fascinating survey of all things glossy.
GLOSS is sleek, polished, brilliant, clear.
The GLOSS subscribers are the smartest, coolest, most beautiful and open-hearted people in the world.
GLOSS is for anybody interested in visual culture.
With subscribers who have been collecting it from the day it launched and readers in more than 50 countries worldwide, our audience ranges from senior art directors to students, from artists to academics.
ULTRA GLOSSY is a design competition open to GLOSS subscribers that asks the question; How do we connect? GLOSS subscribes receive a collectible poster within the package that links with the brief and concept, to inspire participation.
The poster is designed to be printed in layers on translucent acetate sheets, so that it can be fully customizable by the recipient.